As rare as the centuries-old vine from which the precious nectar comes, harmonious, assertive, balanced. Candied citrus, flowers, honey and that balsamic note on the finish remind us of YOU, who are the sweetness, cheerfulness and beating heart of our life. This wine was born from the desire to name it after you and reflects your determination, persistence, and strength, which make us proud of YOU. We love you mom and dad.


Campania Passito bianco igt



Nose: Fruity of dried and dehydrated fruit, characteristic notes of candied citrus, pineapple in syrup, dried peach and apricot, floral of geranium and lime blossom stand out. Taste: Sweet, soft, warm, savory with good concentration, excellent balance and flavor length. Pairings: From aged cheeses, dry pastries and company

production technique

Selection and hand picking of the grapes preceded the planting of the clusters in fruit lofts throughout the drying period. In early December, the grapes were pressed and the must was decanted before alcoholic fermentation began. Once fermentation started, the must was racked into French oak barrels. At the natural stop of alcoholic fermentation, it was aged in barriques.


Grape varieties: Moscato giallo 100%

Production area: Falciano del Massico (CE)

Cultivation system: a spalliera

Pruning system: Guyot

Year of implantation: 20 anni

Production per Ha: 40 q/ha

Bottle production year: anno 1500

Colours: bright antique gold yellow


Via San Paolo
Località Ciaurro snc
Falciano del Massico
81030 Mondragone (Caserta)