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falerno del massico

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“…the overseas wines maintained their prestige and this until the time of our grandparents, even when Falerno had already been discovered…”. Pliny Virgil in the Georgics states: “Nec cellis ideo contende Falernis”, or “Therefore no wine can be compared with Falerno”. “Aedon makes it known: here you drink for 1 axis; if you pay 2, you will drink a better wine; with 4, you will have Falerno wine”. Found in Pompeii.

dalla campania

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The IGT mark means Typical Geographical Indication. With this term we indicate wines produced in generally large areas, which follow the requirements of the law. Since 2010, as already happened for the DOCG and DOC (merged into the PDO denomination), the IGT classification is included in the Community PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) category.


Via San Paolo
Località Ciaurro snc
Falciano del Massico
81030 Mondragone (Caserta)